Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture Find a medical professional who can discuss the benefits as well as possible risks for a botox treatment, usually a board-certified dermatologist. Before booking an appointment with the doctor, do research beforehand from reputable medical sites such as Mayo Clinic, which has a section dedicated to information on botox . Botox incapacitates the facial muscles to stop wrinkles from manifesting, but according to a recent study, it may cause depression. (Photo by Oceanview MedSpa via Flickr . CC BY-SA 2.0 ) As for acupuncture, as a therapy or a treatment based on Chinese (non-Western) medicine, it’s no longer the exotic activity it was during, say, the 1970s when it was still beginning to be introduced in the United States. Today, while it has not received unanimous acceptance in the medical community, acupuncture is considered safe and effective in treating ailments and disorders. However, Chinese medicine and Western medicine still disagree on the set of ailments/disorders for which acupuncture is effective. The World Health Organization already published its official position on acupuncture in 2003, in a report titled, “Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trial.” In that report, the WHO presents a list of conditions for which acupuncture is effective. Some of the conditions on the list include headaches, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, nausea and vomiting, hypertension, dental pain, and as a treatment for adverse reactions to cancer treatments (radiotherapy/chemotherapy). But how about facial acupuncture?

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